Los repartos dentro de Colina/Huechuraba son los lunes, martes y viernes - Los envíos fuera de Santiago salen los Lunes, Martes y Viernes, y varían entre 3 a 8 días hábiles
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Readjust your body and posture, and get a slender silhouette in just one minute with Naoko?s magical stretches.Having been overweight for many years and having suffered many health problems, such as muscle stiffness, back pain, bunions and arched legs, Naoko became interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, in yoga and pilates, and developed a method that has helped thousands of women get in shape. Based on the body readjustment technique, this book offers a program of simple stretches with which you can correct your posture, reduce your body volume in the torso, buttocks and thighs, activate muscles and joints, and get a lean figure in just one minute. Reset your body with Naoko?s magic stretches and get ready to be the best you!

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